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    Project Outputs

    As part of the outputs from the project the team dating online free have written up a number of their activities during the repurpose process. These are presented as four individual case-studies.

    Case Study One

    To evaluate and improve the learning design of a module and to identify where Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs) could fit into the module and session plans to support and enhance learning

    Go to Case study one


    Case Study Two

    Gaining Copyright and IPR (under review)


    Case Study Three

    Our experiences of RePurposing Academic Phrasebank using the Generative Learning Object

    Go to Case study three


    Case Study Four

    Evaluation of the Reuse of RLOs at TVU in the BL4ACE project

    The Identification of learning gains and possible causal drivers through comparative cohort performance and evaluation of learners’ experiences were undertaken by the external evaluator.

    Go to Case study four

    Here is our final report:
    Go to Final report

    Learning Objects

    Here you can download (as zip files) three of the learning objects we have created using the GLOMaker tool, showing the progression in our development (see Case Study 3 above).

    Learning Object 1: Writing Introductions

    Academic phrasebank – writing introductions

    Learning Object 2: Being Critical

     Academic phrasebook – being critical

    Learning Object 3: Writing conclusions

    Academic phrasebank – writing conclusions